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Prices listed on this website include all parts and labor.  MOST vehicles will be priced as noted.  Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen specialty kits are now available that do not require the loss of a key, however, pricing does vary.  Please call or email us for a price quote for your specific vehicle.  Other companies will offer low priced products and then charge exorbitant installation fees or bill for extra parts.  That will not happen at DAS!  We quote the full installation price up front and stick to it.  

Are remote start systems safe?

Yes. Our remote start systems are designed to run for a fixed amount of time (usually 25 minutes). The vehicle will automatically shut off at the end of the designated run time unless the key is inserted into the ignition of the vehicle. For security reasons, once a vehicle is remote started, it cannot be driven until the key is placed in the ignition.

How does a remote start work?

With a basic remote start system, signals are sent to your vehicle via remote transmitter. As long as you are within range of the vehicle and the vehicle is operative, the vehicle will receive the signal from the remote and perform the requested task. You can visually confirm that your vehicle has started as long as you can see your vehicle because once the car is remote started, the parking lights will be illuminated. This type of system is defined as a 1-Way System because the signal is sent in only one direction: to the vehicle. More sophisticated remote start systems will send a signal to your vehicle and the unit will send a confirming signal back to your remote. The confirming units are defined as 2-Way Systems because the signal is sent in two directions: to the vehicle and back to the remote. The confirming units allow you to verify that your car has been remote started without the need to see the vehicle.

Will my factory remote still work?

Yes, your factory remote will still work after a remote start system has been installed in your car. Customers who purchase Start Only Units must carry two remotes: their existing factory remote (if so equipped) to lock/unlock their doors and the new remote to start/stop the vehicle. However, please note: Some factory installed keyless entry remotes will not function to lock/unlock the doors while the vehicle is running. This situation occurs primarily in import vehicles. If your factory remote won't work while the car is running, you will need to unlock your doors with the key or use the remote start remote to stop the car and then use your factory remote to unlock the doors. Please contact our customer service specialists for help in determining if this situation would pertain to your vehicle. To avoid this inconvenience, be sure to consider one of our remote start units with keyless entry.