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Smartphone Remote Start

<p>Did you know you can start your car from anywhere in the world right from your computer or Smartphone?&nbsp; Many manufacturers now offer remote starter systems with cellular technology integrated in them.&nbsp; Simply have us install one of those systems in your car and then&nbsp;sign&nbsp;up for&nbsp;Smartphone service to complete the installation.&nbsp; Once that’s done, you can use your phone to start your car, unlock or lock your doors and more.&nbsp; It’s amazing what technology can do!</p>
<p>If you don’t have a Smartphone, another feature&nbsp;included in&nbsp;many remote starters is the ability to set your remote start system to start the car at a pre-set time or in pre-set conditions.&nbsp; In the old days, if you were worried about coming out to a dead battery the morning after sub-zero temperatures you would get up during the night and start your car and let it run for a while before you went back in your warm home and cussed out your car.&nbsp; That process becomes obsolete with a remote starter.&nbsp; Just activate the automatic start feature with your remote before going to bed and the car will start and run for the preset run time charging the battery, warming&nbsp;things up&nbsp;and then turning itself off.&nbsp;&nbsp;(Of course,&nbsp;this only applies to cars parked OUTSIDE overnight and&nbsp;you’ll want to be sure there’s&nbsp;gas in the car.)&nbsp;</p>
<p>There are many conveniences built into remote starters these days.&nbsp; Call us and we’ll go over all the features with you.&nbsp;</p>