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Winter Products

Midwest winters can be tough on even the most hardy residents.  However, Dealer Automotive Services offers many products to make your winters more enjoyable and safer. From protecting your vehicles' floor to keeping you and your vehicle warm,  we have many products to help you and your vehicle survive our Minnesota winters. Please contact us if you do not see what your looking for. We pride ourselves on making the extra effort to find what you're looking for.


Heated Seat Cushions


Wagan Heated Seat Cushion can be easily moved from one vehicle to another and is perfect for cold weather and winter driving. It is made from quality polyester that provides comfort and is easy to clean. It provides warmth on your back as well as the bottom and is comfortable to sit on.  The cushion includes:





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Heated Wiper Blades

heated-wiper-bladeThermalblade Silicone Safety Blade is a year round wiper blade with a thermostat controlled internal heating element for safe winter driving. These blades fit motor vehicles, farm equipment, heavy equipment, emergency vehicles or anything else that utilizes windshield wipers.  Installation includes:




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Heated Washer Fluid

heated-washer-fluidAlpha Therm's Heated Washer Fluid Reservoir is a great compliment to our Heated Windshield Wipers.  This unit operates in "On-Demand" mode and starts to operate when the ignition is on and battery level is higher than 13.0 volts.  Once the unit starts to operate (engine is running), it will heat the washer fluid in approximately 30 seconds; driver operates the system manually to spray the heated washer fluid onto the windshield. Installation includes the following:  






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Heated Seats


Heated Seats installed by Dealer Automotive Services can add warmth and comfort to your ride. The heating elements can be installed in most vehicles and can be installed in vehicles with cloth or leather upholstery. The power switch is generally located on the side of the bottom portion of the seat but other options are available depending upon vehicle. Installation includes:





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