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New product line up coming soon!

8-30-19  Our manufacturers have rolled out some great new product changes and we’re looking forward to introducing you to them in the coming weeks.  Needless to say, innovation is key in the electronics industry and that applies to remote starters as well.  You can expect to see even more smart phone integration and high end features with the new remote start line up.  Stay tuned for all the news as it happens!

Hands free calling law goes into effect today

8-1-19  The new Minnesota hands free phone law goes into effect today.  That means no more holding your cell phone while driving your car.  For many people this will be a hard habit to break.  However, there are many products designed to solve this problem and we can help find the right product for you.  No need for costly tickets.  Call us now to discuss your options.

Summer remote start and BlueTooth

6-5-19  It’s been busy here with summer finally arriving and the new BlueTooth law going into effect on August 1st.  The warmer temperatures are reminding people that a remote starter is great for the summer as well as the winter.  The new BlueTooth law requires cell phone calls to be made hands free while in your car.  Our BlueTooth devices fully integrate your phone into your existing audio system and allow hands free driving.

Whether you’re looking for a remote starter or a BlueTooth device, we are here to help!  Give us a call:  952-933-3575.

Do you have a BlueTooth device in your car?

5-1-19  April was quite a fickle month.  It started out warm and spring like and ended up cold, snowy and dreary.  I guess it’s good weather to take advantage of having a remote car starter but even we are tired of snow and rain.  Regardless, we are still busy gearing up for the summer months ahead.  We expect to be busy installing BlueTooth Hands Free phone systems due to the recent law changes here in Minnesota.  If you haven’t heard, as of August 1st, it will be illegal to talk on the phone while in your car if you have to hold the phone in your hand.  Call us if you want to avoid a costly ticket and we will give you a quote on installing a hands free phone device.

Happy Spring!

3-29-19  Hard to believe that just 3 weeks ago we were dealing with more snow and wondering where to put it.  As we know, Minnesota weather can change quickly and the nice weather has been wonderful.  We are still installing remote starters each day and the new legislation being tossed around for the State of Minnesota has renewed interest in Bluetooth phone technology.  Call us if you need help with Bluetooth connectivity and we can go over the best options for you.  Happy Spring!

More snow on the way….Ugh!

3-8-19  Hard to believe that December was so mild and January was so cold.  And to top it off, February was a complete blizzard.  Wow!  We haven’t seen snow like this in many years.  I really don’t mind the snow but it would be nice if it wouldn’t come all at once.  The good news is that, through it all, I still get in warm car each day and fight the snow the best I can.  Please let us know if you’re ready for a remote starter to help you through this crazy winter.  Heated seats are great too.  We are here to help!  Hang in there!

Record breaking cold

2-4-2019  This has been quite a winter.  We started out cold, got warm and then went so far into the deep freeze that we could hardly move.  Wow!  The good news for those of us with remote car starters is that we were able to remotely start our cars every few hours while parked outside to ensure they didn’t freeze over.  Speaking for myself, it worked great!  Now, after a weekend of balmy temperatures, we are headed back to freezing mist and snow.  If you haven’t got your remote started installed yet, now is the time.  Call us for a quote:  952-933-3575.

Happy Holidays!

12-19-2018  Once again, it’s been a wonderful year at Dealer Automotive Services.  We are very grateful for our customers and the opportunity to serve your needs.  We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year!  Thank you to all!

Winter has arrived!

11-13-18  It seems hard to believe, but fall is over and winter is here.  Recent snow and cold has really got everyone thinking about remote car starters.  Our CompuStar Drone system has been extremely popular.  Customers love the idea of being able to start their cars from virtually anywhere in the world.  That can be a real life saver as daylight hours get shorter and the night time hours get colder.  Call us now for all the details.  We hope you have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  We are very grateful for all of you!

The sun has finally come out!

10-17-18:  We’ve had a dark and dreary fall with lots of rain and clouds.  Seeing the sunshine the past few days has been awesome!  However, the cold, damp weather has certainly spurred interest in our remote car starters.  If you want to stay warm this winter, now is the time to get your car ready.  We can do a fall winterization and a remote starter all at the same time.  Call now to make an appointment!