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Buyer Beware

1-29-13  We often get calls from customers asking us about special pricing deals they’ve seen on other websites like Groupon or Living Social, etc. While many of the offers featured on these sites are real deals our experience with the remote starter package being offered is buyer beware. A quality remote starter installation will take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours which means even the most experienced technicians will only install 4 or 5 remote starters per day.

When discount websites sell hundreds of packages for low cost remote starters, that means the customer could wait months to get an appointment for the remote starter to be installed in their car. It could be long after winter is done and gone. We’ve had many calls from people complaining that they purchased a remote start package from a discount website and were unable to speak directly to the company doing the installation and were unable to make an appointment to get their car worked on. Often times these customers will contact the discount website and ask for a refund and will then schedule an appointment with us.

We know the value of customer service and we always stand behind our work. We will answer your calls and we will make sure you walk away satisfied with our work and our products. That’s just who we are! As with anything, the cautious buyer comes out on top.