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1-21-13  How ironic!  I got a call today from a reporter with WCCO news.  She wanted to talk with me regarding remote car starters:  how they work and whether or not they can affect the warranty on a vehicle.  I just blogged about that very topic back in December.

The fact that a news reporter was asking about it tells you how many misconceptions there are about aftermarket equipment added to a vehicle.  As I stated back in December, the  Magnuson Moss Act was passed in 2005 to protect consumers from having their warranty voided simply because they added a product to the vehicle.  I communicated this information to Heather Brown at WCCO and it sounds like she will share the information with their veiwers on the 6 pm news tonight.  Thanks, Heather!

These sub-zero windchills have reminded us of how cold Minnesota can be.  Fortunately, for those of us with remote starters, we have a tool to combat the cold.  Remote car starters not only warm your car, but they can also be programmed to automatically start your car when the temperatures become arctic.  The car will start and run for a predetermined amount of time then automatically shut down.  No need to run out and start your car during the night to make sure it will start in the morning.  The remote starter can do it automatically.  This is a feature that comes standard with many of our remote start units.  Call us and we will go over the details with you.

Good luck staying warm!