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European Vehicles

3-7-13  We get many calls from customers who would like remote starters in their European made vehicles.  Often times these customers have been told by their dealership or mechanic that remote starters cannot be put in their vehicles. That information is true for many models but does not apply to all.  We have experience installing remote starters in Audi’s, Volkswagen’s, Volvo’s, Mercedes Benz and BMW’s.  These cars do require extra time and labor so the prices listed on our website do not apply.

For the most part, older model European vehicles are remote start compatible.  The issues lie with more recent models.  For instance, we’ve found that on newer Audi’s there is a clock spring that can be damaged when doing the remote start install.  For this reason, we will not work on those particular Audi’s.

On the other hand, we have custom remote start systems for Mercedes Benz vehicles that integrate perfectly with the factory wiring.

An extra key will be used in most remote start installs for European vehicles (except Mercedes Benz).  This key will be inserted into a module that is stored under the dash of your vehicle and integrated into the remote start wiring.  If you don’t have an extra key, we have a vendor that will come to our business and cut and program extra keys for your vehicle.  The cost can range from $80 – $150.

The bottom line is that remote starters in European vehicles require extra expertise and knowledge.  Dealer Automotive can provide both.  Please call us for a quote on your specific vehicle.