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Keyless Entry

Compustar CS-697-A keyless entry system works with any vehicle that has existing power door locks. The system includes hand held remotes to lock/unlock your doors and also has an option to open your electric trunk. Our installation includes the following features:

Basic Install is $229.50 and includes these features:

  • 2 Four Button Transmitters
  • Parking Light Flash
  • Remote Panic & Car Finder Features
  • 2 Auxiliary Channel Outputs ( to control various optional features)
  • Drivers Door Priority Unlock Control (Additional $50.00 Labor required)
  • Pathway Illumination
  • Ignition Door Lock Control

Full Feature Install is $249.50 and Includes the Basic Features PLUS:

  • Trunk Release Control (For vehicles with power trunk release)
  • Dome Light Control

If your vehicle is not equipped with power door locks, please contact us for a quote.  We can also install power locks in your vehicle and then add keyless entry.

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