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Warranty Information

12-18-12  As a retailer selling aftermarket automotive accessories, we often get questions from customers about how our equipment will affect the warranty on their vehicle.  Sadly enough, there are still unscrupulous salespeople that will claim aftermarket accessories can void the warranty on a customers’ vehicle and then tell the customer they must purchase the product they are looking for through the dealership.  Aftermarket accessories do NOT void the manufacturer’s warranty.  In fact, consumers have the law on their side.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act was passed in 2005.  This law specifically stipulates how warranties must be honored and how they will be enforced.  Simply adding an aftermarket product to your vehicle cannot affect the manufactures warranty on the car and the new product should come with its’ own warranty.

Remote starters sold and installed by Dealer Automotive Services come with a lifetime warranty on the main module for the original owner.  Remote controls are generally warranted for 2 years and our labor is warranted for 1 year.  The warranty is for manufacturer defects.  Unfortunately, we cannot warranty remotes that are dropped in ice fishing holes, snow banks or are run over by snowmobiles.

If you have any questions on the warranty for a product you’ve bought or are considering, please contact us and we will be happy to go over the details.

Good luck staying warm during these cold winter months.