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Backup Systems

Backup Safety Systems come in a variety of styles. Our reverse sensing systems have sensors installed in the rear bumper. This type of system gives you an audible tone whenever an object is detected as you back up.  We also have rear view camera systems that come with a camera and monitor. Options are as follows:

Reverse Sensing Systems

In this type of system, sensors are installed in your bumper that are linked to an audible alarm that notifies you when objects are in your path while backing up. The system comes with 4 black sensors and are recommended for most vehicles.  Painting the sensors to match your bumper is an available option. Features included in all systems:

  • Adjustable volume switch on speaker
  • Wide angle sensors
  • Detection range starting at 6′
  • Automatic activation in reverse
  • 3-year parts warranty
4-Sensor System Installed Most Passenger Vehicles $449.50
4-Sensor System Installed Most Trucks, SUV’s and Crossovers $489.50
Factory Match Painting (2 or 4 sensor system) Add $150.00

Backup Camera Systems

Backup camera systems come in many forms. All will consist of a camera and a monitor. Cameras can be mounted in the license plate frame, in the tailgate handle of trucks or even in the liftgate handle in SUV’s. Monitors can be dash mounted, incorporated into the rearview mirror or may utilize the existing factory radio screen.  We also have original equipment systems for Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge.

They consist of varying combinations of rearview mirror screens with compass/temp and On-Star. Most consist of the camera specifically for the original factory location.  Below is pricing for our most popular types of installs. Contact us for pricing on your specific vehicle. We have many options available.

Momento Basic Mirror (Non Dimming) Screen w/ License Plate Frame Camera Installed $454.50
Moment Basic Mirror (Non Dimming) Screen w/ Tailgate Handle Camera Installed $689.50
Auto Dimming Mirror Screen w/ License Plate Frame Camera Installed $604.50
Auto Dimming Mirror Screen w/ Tailgate Handle Camera Installed $779.50

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