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The service was very friendly and personable but I was disappointed in my experience.
My car starter was no longer taking a charge, so I called here after finding out they were any Astrostart dealer. (I purchased mine in another state.) I came in and purchased a new charger as a first step. I called and asked what to do next as that didn’t work. They said come in anytime and they would reprogram a new one for me. I came in and they didn’t have the kind needed so they had to order it. They said they would call as soon as it was in. Two weeks went by and I thought I better follow up – when I called they told me the order had arrived the week prior and they were sorry they forgot to call me. I asked if I could make an appointment and again they said again to just come in. Two days later when I arrived they weren’t prepared for me. The new starter required charging before being able to be programmed. So I sat and waited for 45 minutes while the battery charged. It has been so cold so I was motivated to have this fixed & I didn’t feel like starting the process somewhere else, but I didn’t feel like they were motivated to have my business.
They were able to reprogram a new remote and I’m pleased to be enjoying a warmed up car again.