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Dealer Automotive Services, Inc.

1102 South Fifth Street
Hopkins, MN 55343

They were easy to work with and got the work done quickly while I waited for the appointment. Very happy with the service!

The service was very friendly and personable but I was disappointed in my experience.
My car starter was no longer taking a charge, so I called here after finding out they were any Astrostart dealer. (I purchased mine in another state.) I came in and purchased a new charger as a first step. I called and asked what to do next as that didn’t work. They said come in anytime and they would reprogram a new one for me. I came in and they didn’t have the kind needed so they had to order it. They said they would call as soon as it was in. Two weeks went by and I thought I better follow up – when I called they told me the order had arrived the week prior and they were sorry they forgot to call me. I asked if I could make an appointment and again they said again to just come in. Two days later when I arrived they weren’t prepared for me. The new starter required charging before being able to be programmed. So I sat and waited for 45 minutes while the battery charged. It has been so cold so I was motivated to have this fixed & I didn’t feel like starting the process somewhere else, but I didn’t feel like they were motivated to have my business.
They were able to reprogram a new remote and I’m pleased to be enjoying a warmed up car again.

Came back for my second vehicle. And again I felt like everyone takes care of me like I’m a part of their family. Excellent service on a professional and personal level. Too bad I couldn’t afford that 2015 Toyota C-HR, but I was able to find a used model on repokar for a great price. Still, it remains my favorite dealership

I bought my wife a remote start for her car as an xmas gift but she didn’t want it. Called these folks and it was no hassle to get my payment refunded. Very nice, someday will go back

I had ADS put a tonneau cover on my truck. I had a very good experience with them and they were able to get it on within two days of ordering it!

Its not often that you find great customer service experience anymore. Dealer Automotive is the exception. Great service, support, and friendly people to work with. My wife’s remote starter was installed professionally and it works great. These folks are true professionals. I will be a repeat customer!

These guys will bend over backwards to make things right.
Some of the best customer service I’ve ever had, EVER!
(and I am an extreme critic)

Andy helped me and he was super friendly and helpful, I asked which one was the best for my truck and even though I was willing to pay a little bit more for the other model, he recommended the one that was perfect fit for my needs and happened to be less expensive, he could have sold me the expensive one but he didn’t.

My schedule is super tight so I dropped my truck off at night and next day they called me at 10:30 am saying that it was ready… super fast!!, when I went to pick it up I was running late so they waited for me… they were nice and super friendly, it was really far from were I live but i’d definitelygo to them again if needed.

Great service!! After going back and forth between the 3rd party installer and the dealership about why my car starter wasn’t working, I called the manufacturer of my car starter and they told me about Dealer Automotive. They gave me the cheapest quote of anyone else I had talked to by far and were the most knowledgeable about why my car starter wasn’t working. They fixed it quickly and charged me the lowest price of the range they estimated! I would recommend them to anyone!

Had a new remote starter installed in my 96 Blazer in January. The service at this store is the BEST. Give the boys a raise.

I wanted to take a moment to both acknowledge and thank you for the outstanding service my wife and I recently received from your business. I purchased a remote starter for my wife’s Acura TL and we encountered numerous mechanical problems with her car that impeded your technicians ability to install the device in working fashion. Travis spent an enormous amount of time trouble shooting the issue, as the vehicle went back and forth to the dealer on three occasions. Travis was extremely thorough and patient with us as he explained the problems that he had encountered and how he felt they could be resolved. DAS also installed and removed the device several times as well. After pinpointing the issue and relaying the information to Acura, Travis insisted we try reinstalling the device one last time as both my wife and I were frustrated and ready to move on. After Acura finally resolved the issue, Steve had our vehicle picked up from the dealership and the device was successfully installed today.

This mechanical issue has plagued our vehicle periodically for the last year and Acura was unable to conclusively diagnose the problem. I feel if it were not for Travis’s diligence and commitment to service, we may never have identified the issue. Travis and Steve have been remarkable throughout this entire ordeal, and the front office staff was always extremely helpful and friendly in all my dealings with them. Your business and employees truly epitomize great customer service in an era that finds this attribute waning. I have already recommended your service to two friends and will continue to so in the future.

Keep up the great work!

Danny May

I traded in my old car , which had a remote starter, (from DAS of course!) and it did not take long to decided to add one too this car also. If you live in Mn you must have a remote start. I actually find it as valuable as air conditioning in my car, couldn’t live without it. The crew at DAS were great. Thanks for keeping me warm this winter.

have dealt with these guys before with great service. Was in town for Holidays. Realized my remote was not working. They worked me in to their busy day to replace the on/off switch and I was soon on my way. GREAT SERVICE! Thanks so much!

I am a big fan of DAS. A while back, I decided to treat myself to a remote starter for my 1998 Volkswagon Cabrio. I had always noticed their sign on 11th Avenue, south of Excelsior, so I decided to stop in. Their knowledgeable sales and support staff worked with me to find the perfect solution that fit within my budget. I don’t know of another shop around that delivers such a variety of automobile service in such a high quality manner. We are lucky to have them in Hopkins.